Many people find it necessary or even advantages to choose one speciality and stick to it, leaving all else behind. I have never been one of those people. I like to know a little bit about everything and get the most joy from life from trying new things. I will be posting these “new things” and examples of many of my projects here. Hopefully some of my projects and interests will someday make the world a better place.

I am poor, and I am a student of physics and computer science. I am struggling to get by. If you do not need my computer services, but still wish to help, you can donate anything to me you feel comfortable with; even a few cents would help. I’ll take encouraging notes if you can spare nothing else.

My primary mode of income at the moment is through the creation of websites for my clients. If you are interested in my web services, you can find my service information on my professional website, sourcecipher.com. I will also have a spattering of information about my web knowledge and tech savvy throughout this site as well.

In these pages you will [eventually] find a wealth of knowledge, musings, projects, and maybe even some tutorials. I am not one to keep secrets. If there is anything on here you are interested in, you are more than welcome to contact me! Some lessons I may charge for, but on the whole I think information should be free, and who knows, maybe we can become friends.

If you are interested in hiring me either for normal employment or on a project basis, you will find a resume underneath each category heading.

Please subscribe to my RSS and keep coming back to see all the things I am up to.

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