Doing good in little ways.

Today was the first time I saw a clear sign of our financial state as a country. As James  and I were driving to get some pizza we encountered a homeless family on the side of the road. A whole family. Mother, father, two small children. It was also fairly cold out today too. James and I were going to Little Ceasars, and decided to get a third pizza, because we could. As we were leaving Little Ceasars we saw the family leaving, so we had to hurry and drive around the block to cut them off and give them the pizza. They had just raised enough money to get a little food at Jack In the Box. They were almost tearfully greatfull for the pizza. The mom took the pizza and turned to the children and said “look what the nice people gave us, PIZZA!”

I almost cried. We got back in our car and drove back to the nice roof over our heads that we are so lucky to be able to have.

I finished a Feast for Crows today.

I rebuilt NancysBest today.

I still need to finish and send out the rest of my Xmas cards.   

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