January the 2nd, or Just Another Day at the Ranch

Yesterday was spent mostly sleeping. After James and I packed up everything at the rose parade camp site, got everything in the car, including our friends Melissa and Elise, we drove home, and I slept for about 4 hours on and off. When I nap, I nap. To be fair, I didn’t not sleep one bit new years eve. After that, I actually don’t remember what we did. I think I was still too short on sleep. Around 8 o’clock, James and I settled in with left over Thai food, and a movie. We finally crashed at 9, and I didn’t wake up until 9am this morning. I think I’ve made up for lost sleep.

I spent most of today catching up on my Netflix, first on my phone while still in bed with a Scout-kitty snuggled up against me, and then on my computer in the other room. I got the mail which included a christmas card from Jan and Gordon complete with letter about their year, and a check from the DMV refunding payment overages. I read the letter outside on the steps, while the kitties sunned themselves. Gus, who is not usually very affectionate was determined to lay against me in the sun, so he ended up squeezed between the bricks around the garden and my side… before he got up and decided it was time to harass Scout.

When James got home we went out to dinner (at 4) at our new favorite sushi place. It’s all you can eat! And less than ten minutes away! This place is very dangerous…

We got home, and I began to write my post for yesterday since I was too tire to write it yesterday… And that brings us to the present time. James and I will probably get snuggly-wuggly, watch a movie in our heated bed, and then go to sleep. Life isn’t all that exciting most of the time at Los Ranchos. 

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